Grandparents Day



We were celebrating Grandparent’s Day yesterday in school.  The class played games from the past, just like some of their grandparents would have played.  They enjoyed playing marbles, cards, bowly, bowling, hopscotch, skipping, Ring o’ Rosie, and chain tag.


We also had a class disco to some old records  played on a record player.  The class loved the music.  Their favourite song was”Wash Your Socks For Christmas”.


Do you like the flower picture we made for our Grandparents?



In Preparation for Grandparent’s Day the children interviewed their Grandparents.  We heard some great stories from the past.  Thanks to everyone for sharing them.

We hope you like the lovely pictures created by the boys and girls to show you how special you are to them.  Happy Grandparent’s Day!



*We will hold our next Grandparent’s Day during the 2018-2019 school year for the grandparents of Junior and Senior Infants. They will be invited to their grandchild’s classroom to view their work and share their own memories of school followed by a chat and a cup of tea in the hall,where they will meet other grandparents.