Peace Proms

Peace Proms 2019

On the 3rd of March 2019,  fouth, fifth and sixth class attended the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland Peace Proms choir event at the University Arena in U.L. Limerick.  Peace Proms is where many schools across Ireland participate together in a huge choir.  Peace Proms also includes a travelling orchestra, remarkable singers, dancers, a pipe band and an electric Violinist.

As we were travelling to Peace Proms by bus it began to snow quite heavily and some people who were supposed to come could not.  Finally all the snow had melted. We arrived in U.L. and had one last run through everything.  After the practice we went backstage and had our lunch.

At 6:30pm when the doors opened we were all ecstatic.  At 7pm sharp the show began.  The CBOI began playing melodies which were very enjoyable.  Once they had concluded the conductor spoke to the crowd for a few minutes and then we began our part of the show by singing ‘Make some noise’.  The crowd we very entertained.  As the show went on the parent got up and started dancing to the ‘Boogie Melody’ which was full of 70’s and 80’s music.  After that there was a 20 minute break.  We sat in our places, waiting for it to be over so we could get back in action.  When it was over we began singing ‘The Greatest Showman’ medley.  It was immensely enjoyable.  Once again when it was over we sat back down and listened to the Orchestra play for some time.

Later in the concert a woman called Lauren Murphy did a beautiful tribute to Delores O’Riordan.  It was fantastic.

At the end of the concert we all sang ‘You’re the Voice’.   It was our favourite and we all enjoyed being part of the Cross Border Peace Choir.