We are very pleased to announce that we have been granted a *STEM Excellence award for our participation in the Science Foundation Ireland Discover Maths and Science Programme. We will receive a Plaque of STEM Excellence in June 2018. This is the second time in recent years that we have participated in the programme  and achieved an award of excellence.

Congratulations and well done to teachers, all staff and pupils.

*Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths



On the 24th of January, we held a Science Fair for our Discover Science Programme.  Every class created a science investigation and presented it to the parents.  Junior Infants’ investigation was named ‘Dancing Raisins’.  They investigated how the carbon dioxide made raisins dance when they are put in to some 7 UP.  Senior Infants and First class called their experiment, ‘Keep the Damp Out’.  They put a piece of material in between 2 sugar cubes and waited to see what material could keep the top sugar cube dry.  2nd and 3rd class created an investigation named ‘Static Electricity’.  They rubbed a balloon against the wall and watched it stick.  3rd and 4th class displayed volcanos made from clay and chemical reactions using baking soda and vinegar.  A chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar creates a gas called carbon dioxide and that gas causes the volcano to erupt.  5th and 6th class did their experiment on electric circuits.  They made up a quiz and the circuit was completed as the right answers were joined together.  6th class put forward 2 experiments for the science fair.  The first experiment was called ‘Rockets’.  They created an angle launcher and stuck it onto a metre stick.  They looped the elastic band around the top of the rocket to the metre stick and then launched the rocket.  The second experiment was on ‘Traffic Lights’.  They created an electrical traffic light and a 3 way switch.  The wires connect the LED lights to the battery to transfer the electricity.  It was a great day.  I’ve learned that science can be fun!

Reporter:  Jack Carroll (6th Class)