Scoil Fhionáin, Kilfinane

Welcome to all visitors to our website:

We have made some changes and will continue to look at how we can improve your experience in finding out about our school.

The pupils of sixth class will take responsibility for keeping you updated and informed on many school events.  They will take photos, write short posts and select what they would like to showcase throughout the year.

From term to term, they will add new material so it’s a good idea to check in with us now and again.




Sarah Gleeson, representing Ballyhours Comhaltas, announces the winner of the cover design competition for the Fleadh Luímnigh 2017 brochure.

Bróna McGlincey, winner; Michael Cash O’Farrell 2nd; Rory Light 3rd.  Well done.

All entries will be shown in McCarthy’s window on Main street over the Fleadh weekend.

An Taisce Clean-up, May 22nd.  Look how much rubbish is dumped inside the walls on our school ground!!!!

Floating and Sinking:


Mrs Walsh’s Junior and Senior Infants did an activity on floating and sinking.  They filled a basin with water and put items such as crayons, rulers, glue sticks, etc. into it.  They found out that the heavier things sank and lighter things floated.



Mrs Walsh’s and Mrs Barron’s classes have been busy growing seeds using their green fingers.  They planted mostly sunflowers, which they grew from last year’s seeds.  When the plants get bigger, they will plant them in their class garden or take them home.

Ms Ryan 2nd and 3rd class


Ms Ryan’s class created some beautiful art work on the theme of Summer using pastels and bright colours.  They also learned the science behind summer.

Projects:     Ms Ryan’s 2nd and 3rd class did some very interesting projects using a subject of their choice and they did a very good job.

Communion:  On the 6th of May 2017, the boys and girls in Ms Ryan’s 2nd class made their First Holy Communion.  Accompanied by their family, friends and Parish Priest Fr. O’Shea, they put on a beautiful ceremony.  The boys and girls from 3rd-6th sang beautifully in the choir and all the hard work put in by both children and staff certainly paid off.

Miss Barry 

Miss Barry’s class did some project work on the solar system.  They did a great job decorating and learned lots.

Art:  Ms Barry’s class created some beautiful art work on the theme of Summer using pastels and bright colours.  They also learned the science behind summer.

Miss Leahy


Ms Leahy’s class used sheets of coloured paper and cut them up into squares to create beautiful mosaic art.

Ms Leahy and Ms Dalton:  The school has put together a camogie panel of 13 for our C. Team.  We have 13 girls and we will play 11 aside.  We have a blitz coming up on Thursday the 25th of May.  We will travel to Martinstown and take part in the South Schools Camogie Championship.

Wall Mural

Ms Dalton’s 6th class designed a mural for the wall outside the classroom to represent our time in school.

Four transition year students came up from Scoil Pól to help us paint the design on to the wall.  The main part of the mural is a cherry blossom tree to represent our growth throughout our years at school.  The hills in the background represent the Ballyhouras.  The silhouettes by the tree represent our music education .  The other silhouettes playing sport represents the successful hurling and camogie teams in our class.  The dove represents Confirmation.  The banner over the tree says “Peace Proms”.  It is just one of the many activities we have enjoyed.


At the moment in SESE we are learning about magnetism.  It’s a very interesting topic and for this we are creating magnet-powered boats.  Making the boats helps us to learn the concept of magnets and how they work.


On Saturday, we (group pictured above) attended the Bizworld award.  Bizworld was a project we did in school. We brainstormed ideas for a new and innovative business plan.  Our business was called iGarden.  iGarden enbables you to scan the ph levels of your soil and check which plants would be most suitable to grow in different parts of the garden.  We had to create a business plan, cost and market our business to potential customers.  Following on from this we had to pitch our business in the ‘Dragons Den’ against a range of other business ideas.  We were delighted when our idea won and we were presented with this award by Daithaí O’Shea.

Mayor of Limerick and County, Kieran O’Hanlon, visited Scoil Fhionáin Monday May 8th.

Tidy Towns Art Competition 2017 :Winners received prizes from committee members.

First Confession on March 2nd


First Communion class on their way to the Convent Chapel for their First Penance.


Foróige is an after school club for older classes. Last term there was a book club. This term we are playing badminton.  It is great fun and interesting to learn the parts of the badminton court and the rules of the sport.  It’s on every Thursday after school and its an extremely enjoyable activity.




The 1st of February was Saint Brigid’s day.  4th,5th and 6th classes celebrated this feast day by making Saint Brigid’s crosses.  They hung them in their homes and in classrooms.  It is an Irish tradition to hang St. Brigid’s crosses in homes and farms to bring safety throughout the year.


4th, 5th and 6th class love learning through Maths Stations.  Some stations involved were making tangrams, maths games on ipads, card games, problem solving, fraction and multiplication games and lots more.



This year we will be participating in the Limerick Peace Proms singing event.  Peace Proms is run by the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland (C.B.O.I.).  The C.B.O.I. was established in 1995 as a peace initiative and is comprised of over 100 exceptionally talented young musicians from all over Ireland, north and south.  We learn lots of songs and some choreography too.  We went to U.L. on the 7th of February for a rehearsal workshop.  On March 4th, we will go to U.L. along with many other schools from Limerick and we will perform to a huge audience accompanied by the C.B.O.I.


Catholic Grandparents’ Day was on the 1st of February.  We invited the Grandparents of Junior Infant children to come to the school for a cup of tea and a chat and to share some stories from their past.  The older classes such as 5th and 6th wrote poems for their grandparents.  They also completed projects about life in the past and discovered what life was like for their grandparents.

Here’s one of the poems:

Granny and Grandad you’re always there,

Always there to love and care.

You show me love when I need it most

For Christmas dinner you’re always the host.

You’re always there to cheer me up

And you make me tea in my favourite cup.

Your chips are the best, no one can contest

And the cheese on toast is what I love the best.

                                         Written by: Killian Ahearn (6th)



On Tuesday February 7th, 5th and 6th classes took part in Safer Internet Day 2017.  We participated by creating posters and raps.  We also wore wristbands to show greater cyber awareness.  We have entered a poster competition run by Webwise.  To mark the day Webwise launched an online parenting hub.  We learned a lot on Safer Internet Day. Parents can learn how to keep us safe online by visiting



Winning Credit Union Quiz Team 2017



Spring has sprung and we have been planting flowers.  In the flower beds we have planted daffodils, hyacinths, marigolds and crocuses.  We hope our plants will flourish with the help of our green fingers.


From time to time, 6th and 5th class read books to the Junior Infants.  This is very enjoyable and it encourages reading and their love of books.  We could even have future authors in the making!

 TECHNOLOGY in the classroom


Our school recently purchased ipads, Samsung tablets and a charging trolley.  We use the ipads and tablets for online research, educational apps, and much more.  Our new technology is a fantastic and engaging learning resource which we love!



Ms Dalton’s classroom is entering the Bórd Gais Energy Theatre Writing Competition.  In this competition, pupils write a review of a play they have seen in the last year.  Best selling author Sarah Webb and critically acclaimed playwrite Marina Carr are this year’s judges.  We are very excited as we have lots of budding authors in our classroom.



Limerick Hurler James Ryan has been helping with drills, including solo-ing, accuracy skills and basic training ,with the help of T.Y. students from our local secondary school, Scoil Pól.

Last year our girls team won their competition in Camogie. With any luck we will win again this year.  This is one of the one of the results of our school being so active and sporty.  In 2015 we were awarded the Active  Schools’ Flag which is one of the flags aloft on the flagpoles outside the school.  On the other poles are the Irish Tricolour, the Junior Entrepreneur Flag and the Green Schools’ Flag.  Sometimes we switch them round as we have only 3 poles. We worked very hard to get them all.


Fifth and sixth class are making bunnies and chicks for Easter.  They are made from felt which is then stitched and filled with cotton.  We stitched them using a blanket stitch.  It is very enjoyable and relaxing.